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Boarders make the most of the glorious weather at Ham Hill


When planning what to do for this weekend, Mr Davis had suggested earlier in the week a walk around Ham Hill and promised good weather – and this is exactly what we got! And this was rather fitting, considering that this would be his last Sunday duty before heading off to take up his Headship. The views from the top of Ham Hill were breath-taking and the children had a fantastic time, sliding and rolling down the hills – giggles were heard all around and it was lovely to see children being children. We piled into the buses, tired but full of the fresh air, mud and grass stains! (Not sure the matrons will be as happy as we were!)

Back at school, the children were divided into tribes – they had to give their tribe a name, design a banner and decorate a head band. The competitions were : indoor football, orienteering and a picture quiz. The children had a great time and it was especially touching to see the older children help the little ones in their tribe too – a real sense of family and community.  Georgia was the team leader who lifted the inaugural Tribal Challenge Trophy – a stunningly painted fox!  

Later, we splashed around the pool in the afternoon before letter writing and then tucking in to a delicious supper of pulled pork. A fine way to end a busy day!

Mr Schreiber
Head of Boarding

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