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Year 4 Outdoor Education on the farm

Outdoor Education

In Outdoor Education lessons recently, Year 4 have been hard at work down on the farm with Mrs Cran. They have been assisted this term by school gardener Mr Buckley, who gave us this report:

'Garden club have been busy planting seeds (both under glass and in beds) for the coming year as well as taking cuttings of perennial plants and building the supports for the beans. Older children have been given some insight into the biology and best practice of gardening whilst the younger ones have enjoyed the experience, hopefully encouraging them. We currently have Kalette and Lettuce and Carrots as well as onions on the go!

The Willow ‘Fedge’ at the bottom of the school field has been a good project and hopefully the whips will all take. Pre-prep, Forest School and Garden Club have all enjoyed this project and we should be able to extend the Fedge in future.

More seeds and plants will be put in the raised beds over the coming year and we should see some harvest before summer break!'

As you can see, we have also been keeping the Hazlegrove hens company. A most enjoyable afternoon was spent clearing out the shacks and looking after our feathered friends. Some of our Year 3’s were also on hand to check make sure the pigs had enough to eat and drink. As ever, they seemed very happy to roll in the mud and have a good scratch.

When the sun is out, there is no finer place to be than the Hazlegrove farm. It is always a treat to pay the animals a visit and enjoy the sights, sounds (and smells!) that lie in wait.


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