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A decathlon of fund raining events for Ottilie...


Ottilie S (Year 5) has been raising money for her chosen charity Scotty’s Little Soldiers - a charity which helps raise money for children who have lost a parent serving in the Army. She set herself a “Decathlon” of events and on the final day she held two of those events at school – a penny mile and a “Hero” cookie sale.

The first event – a Penny Mile – was held on the lawn in front of Reception during morning drop off. Lots of small change was brought in a stuck to the tape raising not quite reaching a mile (it takes 84,480 pennies to make a mile!) but it did reach a very creditable 79m raising £98.23. Half of this money raised through the Penny Mile will go to Scotty’s Little Soldiers and the other half will be donated to the Hazlegrove Harambee.

The second – a “Hero” cookie sale – was held at 4pm in the signing out hut. “Hero”? – because everyone that bought a cookie was a hero for supporting Scotty’s Little Soldiers!

Ottilie's Hero cookie sale

"Thank you so very much to everyone within the Hazlegrove Community who supported Ottilie with her fundraising activities for Scotty’s Little Soldiers and Harambee. She has been completely overwhelmed by the generosity and support.  A brilliant total of £212.23 was raised through the Penny Mile and Cookie Sale and she has raised over £540 for Scotty’s Little Soldiers completing her Decathlon with a Difference."
Mrs Sykes

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