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The role of the Governors

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Hazlegrove and King’s School Bruton have a single Governing Body and form the King’s School, Bruton Foundation. Under our Memorandum and Articles there is provision for 17 Governors. Individuals are appointed on the basis of their ability to contribute to the work of the Board and come from a wide range of backgrounds including business, education, the Forces and the professions. Some are either former or current parents and some are Old Brutonians. All are deeply committed to the continued success and welfare of the two Schools.

The Governors’ principal tasks are to appoint the Headmasters and to take responsibility for determining, monitoring and keeping under review the broad policies and procedures within which both Schools operate. The ratio of boarding to day pupils and the setting of salaries and fees are examples of broad strategic matters which fall within the Governors’ sphere of responsibility. Oversight of the budget is a key role. The responsibility for the day to day running of the Schools rests with the Headmasters.

We meet formally three times a year as a full Body – once each term to and once informally each September to discuss subjects like forward planning, governance and educational trends.

We have three sub-committees – Finance, Education and Risk. The Finance Committee, as its name indicates, oversees the finances of both Schools. It reviews and recommends to the Board the annual budget; it reviews the Schools’ 5 year Strategic Plans and considers all major capital expenditure.

The Joint Education Committee covers issues relating to the curriculum taught at each School and matters such as IT support to learning and co-curricular activities such as drama, music and sport. It also brings together the staffs of both schools to exchange ideas

The Risk Committee monitors the whole range of risks that face the school, financial, legal, health and safety etc.
In addition, individual Governors are nominated for particular roles such as overseeing Child Protection, Boarding Standards, and Health & Safety or for liaison with the Common Rooms of the two schools. When necessary, Governor working groups are set up and make recommendations to the Board on specific issues such as the major development of School property.

While the day to day running of both Schools is the responsibility of the Headmasters, I and the Chairmen of the various sub-committees, are in regular contact with the Headmasters and routinely visit to discuss matters of concern or topical interest. Governors, and particularly those who live locally, are encouraged to attend and take part in School activities and to be visible outside the formal meetings of the Board. Our aim is to know the Schools as well as we can. If you need to contact me please do so through Col. S. G. Adlington, the Clerk to the Governing Body, at King’s School Bruton.

Lt General (Ret'd) A M D Palmer CB CBE, Senior Warden

Hazlegrove Stories

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